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                           "Rockin Paradise Band". (video,sound files,song list,,etc.......)
The "Rockin Paradise Band" was established 12 years ago in Kansas City with Shelly Vaughn (lead vocals/guitar ) and Jerry Steiner(lead vocals and guitar). Listed Below Are Some Points Of Interest With Details Of "Rockin Paradise"

1. Sound........ The Rockin Paradise live sound starts with "High Tech Backing Tracks"created in recording studios with REAL (not midi) instruments to bring to life a "Live Band Music Experience".All HIGH TECH TRACKS HAVE BEEN CREATED /RECREATED WITH NEWER MULTITRACK TECHNOLOGIES IN THE LAST 20-24 MONTHS!!!!  The Rockin Pardise Band  uses dozens of styles & sounds that are electrifying compared to the average duo's and small bands .
  The Rockin Paradise sound starts with a full range 4 speaker system that creates the huge dynamic “Live” sound in stereo.This can be used at ANY VOLUME LEVEL!!!! This system is weather proof for use outside (deck parties,pool side, patios,etc.........) or inside.

Vocals........ Rockin Paradise uses all "LIVE" female and male lead, harmony and backing vocals on all songs.In the last couple of years.......just like advancements in computers,vocal processor technologies have dramatically improved & advanced for bands,singles,duos,small acts,that were once only available for large shows and concerts.We use up to date vocal processors on this level.

Instruments...........Jerry and Shelly use Fender and Gibson electric guitars intergrated with the High Tech Tracks. 65% of all solos are performed live,(guitar) allowing 35% of the other solo's (horns for motown/r & b, strings for ballads, piano for rock & pop etc....... ) created on tracks to give a wide variety of sounds to the listeners.

Song Content....... Rockin Paradise performs songs that are well known and are in demand for each venue. Simply put, we play the room. Most of these songs have sold in the multi-millions regardless of time period. We have spent years working on effective songs to use and continue learning new material for all up to date styles of music.

2. Visual.......... Rockin Paradise is self contained with a professional lighting system and proper apparel for all performance venues. We strive for complete professionalism, on time,requests,positive attitude,affable, coridal, to ensure a great experience for the customers and return customers.

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Thank You for your time reviewing the enclosed material.Rockin Paradise is a highly entertaining act, totally professional,with pleasing manners,excellent customer connection, and over 300 songs from current high energy to standards, we believe regardless how large or small a business is, most everyone in the entertainment industry is seeking added value. Rockin Paradise Band does this and more! It's like having several acts in different dramatic ways......... performing  Resorts, Cruise Ships, Casinos, Dance Clubs,High Energy Lounges, Ballrooms, Clubs,lodges,Restaurants,etc........