Rockin Paradise

Rockin Paradise   Ballroom Dance Music/Ballroom Dance Summary( FOR BALLROOM ONLY!!)

Rockin Paradise is very passionate about geniune Ballroom Dance Music! We have worked and studied with Ballroom studio owners,instructors, and Ballroom dancers themselves to create wonderful and unique live Ballroom dance music experience.
       As of August 2012 Rockin Paradise offers over 100 Ballroom Dance songs!

                 Points Of Interest
1. Every Ballroom Song track has been carefully created, with attention to precise Tempo, rhythm Style,(i.e. Cha -Cha , FoxTrot, Mambo, Waltz, etc.............) Percussion and Drums.We have also taken some songs and speeded up or slowed down the tempo, to precisely fit the required beats per minute that are required for accurate & comfortable Ballroom Dancing!

2. All drums and percussion Rhythms have been elevated louder in the mix (an absolute requirement for the dancers to easily hear the rhythm.) By utilizing this technique, it has proven to be a much more enjoyable dancing experience. We have been informed by countless dancers that they prefer our music to dance to, because they can hear the rhythm much better than standard music.

3. Sound: Every Backing track has been created with real instruments, (not midi) to replicate sounds as authentic as a live sounding band. This can be used at any volume level. All female and male lead and harmony vocals are live and both Shelly and Jerry play live electric Fender/Gibson guitars.

4. Ballroom Styles:            Ballroom,Latin and others.......
1.) Foxtrot/slow or medium  2.) Waltz  3.) Tango  4.)  Quickstep  5.) Viennese Waltz  6.) Bolero 7.) Rhumba  8.) Cha-Cha  9.)Samba  10.) Mambo  11. )Merengue  12.)Nightclub Two Step   13.) Hustle 14.) East Coast Swing  15.) West Coast Swing  16.) JIve  17.) Polka  18.) Triple 2 Steps  19.) 2 Steps   20.) Country Line Dance  21.)Shag /Beach 22.)Bosa nova.....   etc..............