Rockin Paradise

Song List Ballroom* Ballroom Notes* ------  Many of the "Ballroom Tracks" below are arranged and mixed with drums (of the exact "ballroom beat drum patterns" for BALLROOM DANCERS )standing out in the mix.This allows beginning-intermediate ballroom dancers to have a great experience rather than to struggle trying to hear the patterns to dance to. There are over 15 styles for Ballroom dancing listed below. .           Requests and new songs are added frequently (weekly-bi-Monthly)  

                                                                     Song List   
                                                          BALLROOM DANCING    (many of these songs are used for other dancing and listening venues)

Chilly Cha Cha  (cha -cha)  tempo   

I Need To Know (cha-cha)

Let's Never stop falling in love(Rhumba )                                            

Spiderman (quicksteps 188 bpm)

Beyond The Sea(Foxtrot)  

Let's Get Loud (Cha Cha)                                                                                                                                                               Home (nightclub 2 steps)  tempo 70
Whatever Loyla Wants (Tango)
Mambo NO 5  (mambo) bpm 87
Bailamos (samba)  tempo 102
Sway  (cha-cha)  tempo 118
Sweet Home Chicago   (West Coast Swing)
La Bamba (Salsa) Tempo 82
Girl From Impanema (Bosa Nova) Tempo 130
Amado Mio (Rhumba)
Moondance (Fox Trot) Tempo 128
Brown Eyes Blue (
Paradise (Samba)
Smooth (Cha Cha) Tempo 120
Evil Ways ((Cha Cha) Tempo 120
Oye Como Va (Cha Cha) Tempo 120
Stand By Me (Cha Cha) Tempo 124
My Girl (Shag/West Coast)
My Guy (Shag/West Coast)
Venus (Cha Cha) Tempo 124
Hernados Hidaway (Tango) 120
And I Love Her   (Rhumba)  106
Livin La Vita Loca (Mambo)  swing jive tempo 176
Give Me Just A Little More Time    (Shag-West Coast)
Louie Louie (Cha Cha) Tempo 122
Cryin (Bolero) Tempo 95
King Of The Road(  foxtrot)  120
Suzie Q (Cha Cha) Tempo 122
Honky Tonk Woman (Cha Cha) Tempo 122
Lady Marmalade (Cha Cha) Tempo 11
Get The Party Started (Cha Cha) Tempo 124
Tie A Yellow Ribbon (quickstep ) tempo 185
Dock Of The Bay (Rhumba) Tempo 99
I Can't Make You Love Me (nightclub 2 step) tempo 68
Killing Me Softly (Rhumba or slow fox trot) Tempo 104
Spansih Eyes (Cha Cha) Tempo 117
Unchained Melody (Rhumba) Tempo 90
Something Stupid (Rhumba) Tempo 100
Strangers In The Night (Bolero) Tempo 90
Fever  (foxtrot)   120
Smooth Operator (Cha Cha) Tempo 124
It's Now Or Never (Tango) Tempo 118
Dreams (Tango) Tempo 118
La Isla Bonita (Samba) Tempo 100
All Shook Up (Swing) Tempo 150
Alley Cat (foxtrot)
Kansas City (West Coast Swing) Tempo 119
Chain Of Fools (West Coast Swing) Tempo 118
I feel Lucky (West Coast Swing)
Yesterday (Borelo)
Give Me Just A Little More Time  (Shag/West Coast)
Mustang Sally (West Coast Swing) Tempo 116
Midnight Hour (West Coast Swing) Tempo 116
Margarittaville (Cha Cha) Tempo 124
Something To Talk About (West Coast Swing) Tempo 104
Walkin On Sunshine (Merenge) Tempo 11

Layla(West Coast Swing) tempo 95
Mercy (Cha Cha) Tempo 120
Man I Feel Like A Woman (West Coast Swing) Tempo 125
Give Me One Reason (West Coast Swing) Tempo 95
Black Velvet (West Coast Swing) Tempo 90
Some Kind Of Wonderful (West Coast Swing) Tempo slowed down to   114
Tennessee Waltz (Waltz) Tempo 87
Three Times A Lady (Waltz) Tempo 89
Stray Cat Strut (West Coast Swing)
Sex Bomb (West Coast Swing)  tempo 125
Besame Mucho (TANGO) Tempo 119 bpm
Get Down Tonight (fast hustle)  tempo 118
How Insensitive (Bosa/Latin) 136 bpm
Fly Me To The Moon (foxtrot)  120
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (Waltz ) tempo 90
Bad Bad Leroy Brown (Jive)
Corcovado (Quiet Nights and Quiet Stars) bosa/latin Tempo 106
Help Me Make It Through The Night (Bolero)
The Wanderer (Shag/ West Coast)
Could I Have This Dance (Waltz) tempo 88
Are You Lonesome Tonight (Waltz) tempo 87
Hang On To Your Love (Latin) tempo 110
Satin Doll (Swing) tempo 94
Wolly Bully  (Merenge) tempo 120
I Will Survive   ( Medium hustle) tempo 119   / original song tempo
Route 66 (Swing) tempo 122
La Comparsita  (Tango)
Electric Boogie (or Electric Slide) line dance
Why Don't We Just Dance (shag-West Coast)
Two Pina Coladas ( Cha-Cha)
Achy Breaky Heart (country line dance)
Papa Loves Mambo (mambo)  tempo 84
This Masquerade  (Slow fox trot) 117
Bad Romance (cha-cha) Tempo 120
Poker Face (Cha- cha)  tempo 122
Crazy    ( Nightclub Two Steps)
Sweet Home Chicago (West Coast Swing) tempo 126

Under The Boardwalk (Rhumba)  Tempo 124
Dream a little Dream Of Me (Nightclub Two Step)  tempo 82
I've Got You Under My Skin (foxtrot) tempo 122
The Way You Look Tonight  (Foxtrot) tempo  110

Rolling In The Deep (West Coast/Cha Cha)

Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps(Rhumba)

Save The Last Dance For Me (Rhumba)

Bad Moon Rising(Triple swing)

Have You Ever Seen The Rain(Cowboy Cha Cha)

I Just Want To Dance With You(Cha Cha)

Back To Black (Fox Trot)